2007 Review

New Year 2006 have such a meaning for me. celebrate with rinie from Glow to Zouk.

Say bye bye to 2007 and welcome 2008! i would like to review my history on 2007. at least aku akan kenang sebagai panduan untuk 2008 dan tahun akan datang.

Jan :
– Unemployed. received retrenchment from MiTV starting Nov 2006.
– Received offer from Pizza Hut as Assistant Restaurant Trainee Manager (resigned after a week)
– Received offer from SK Sungai Besi 1 as temporary Teacher for 4 month only (resigned for better offer)
Feb :
– Received offer from BERNAMA for 6 month till August.
August :
– Continued work with BERNAMA till Jan 2008.

– Always contact my mom.
– Sometime visit my bro at Bangi and Seremban.

– Still keep in touch with my dearest buddy, azrini adnan.
– Starting on May, Misha and I never been friend. (why? read my previous blog lah)
– Office friends? Luckily, I’m not peramah person.

– A great time of Hari Raya Aidil Fitri with my family. a best memory when alang buy me couple of baju kurung.
– Just 1 public holiday for Hari Raya Haji. just me, along and ateh back to hometown celebrate with mom. a best moment when ateh still showing his care to me. almost a year we never chat.

– Feb : clash with zahar (reason? always fighting each other. hahaha.. but still as a friend)
– April : declare with naz (reason couple? he asked to couple not me ok!)
– July : declare clash with eli (it takes a long time to clash but now I’m free!)
– Nov : clash with naz (reason? he take advantaged when his nothing. should i thinking about him? he’s useless!)
– Dec : no need to think about man. prefer to be a lone ranger šŸ™‚

the truth of My Life in 2007
Maybe 2007 never give a happiness on me. fighting with my dearest friends because of other peoples, involved with poor man who just want to take advantaged, trying to build my career but undone. yang paling teruk sekali, aku sakit kerana buatan orang. nothing good, nothing special just 2007 make our family be together after a years my bro doesn’t talk with me.

cikwiduri: smile widuri.. smile. as i wish this 2008 give me more opportunity šŸ™‚ God bless me!


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