effective today.. I’m jobless. my contract end yesterday. and now I have a long time to relax and refresh my mind.

1 year I’m working with bernama. with hope they will take me to work with them permanently but no thanks. 1 year I sit tight and do their job as what they order me. day to day I count myself when will all those silly thing I’m doing in that company will be end.

I never hate my boss. never! but I hate myself cause I’m not trying pretending that I like them. there is only 1 old woman always wanna put me in trouble and that is a reason why I’m so happy when my contracts end. I already told another staff whose always knew myself that I will step out from the company if my boss still wanna keep me to work. 3 months before today, I trying to send a resignation letter but I can’t. it hard for me to let my work just like that. I love my job but really hate son of a bitch that old woman.

I guess, she really have a big smile today and after. she win because I no more there. but I win because I have my own faith to walk away and grab another job that waiting for me. they look amazed and wanna ask me but they won’t, why I looked enjoy, happy, energetic when the contract ends? simple is it? cause I’m suffer to relied my life with them. I don’t wanna waste my time with that jerk old woman. cause I know she will get me into trouble again and again.

now.. here I am. at my home. lying on the bed and never turning back. cause they will make me suffer again. thanks to Allah for helping me, giving me a bunch of patient as I know myself intolerant with that big mouth old woman. thanks to Allah, the one again and again for giving me a way to begin my life.. my future. alhamdulillah 🙂


5 thoughts on “Jobless

  1. Wow….i read your blog which is so mean..:) .

    By meeting you in person, i think you have the character to survive. So just be you. Allah s.w.t is Great. He will help us if we pray and ask from Him. Be strong…be patience..

    ‘He who lacks kindness of heart, lacks all good’….so…shes or Bernama not good to you after you perform well in doing your job.

    all the best in your new job. insya-allah, you will land yourself with a permanent job…..just do your best and pray to Allah s.w.t. He knows the best for you.

  2. i love u Mistress Of Spices : yap I’m working with that company. who are u actually? why keep hiding?

    indian matrimonials : thank you for your support 🙂 I take it cool and easy .

  3. u kerja dgn bernama ke.. majlis aidilfitri itu hari u ada ker… apasal i tak perasan dgn u lak ishhhhh

  4. Happenings in in love, Life, Marriages and Religion can not be seperated. really a thought and keep posting!

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