The Return of Hobby

Quite slow and now become hyper active. haha.. Long ago when I was young, I really love taken any picture of peoples, trees, insects, flowers, and anything lah. The hobby started when I looked at my bro photo album. Woo.. he’s really damn good in photography. As I remember, at the age of 12, I already have a cokia camera. The camera is a gift when my mother shopping a lot. So, co-ki-a lah maknanya 🙂

When I studied in the boarding school at Melaka, I stole Nikon SLR camera (used by experience photographer) belong to my bro. Gempak siot! I shoot all view at hostel and the school. Luckily he knows about it when I already returned the camera in good condition. hehe..

Time by time and I studied at university. Started to forget my hobby. Busied myself for assignments bla bla bla.. But just for a while, I buying Fujifilm SLR camera. The function not really good rather it price. Using it till I finished my study. Thus, I don’t have any camera till 2007.

Devoted of loving scenario, last Jan 2008, I buying Nikon Coolpix P5100 digital camera. It cost RM1388 with 12.1 megapixels. I worth it. Now, the old hobby started again since I’m jobless. Nge.. nge.. nge.. The return of hobby can be viewed in my fotopages. Damn! I enjoying this hobby. Nothing can pressure me unless the camera gone. Uwaaaaaa :((