no more jobless

after been a week I didn’t wake up in the early morning but today have to do it. it’s hard for me cause I just sleep around 3 hours then rushing to the new office somewhere in Bangsar. with baju kurung in purple color seem I looked confident today. but when I sitting almost 3 hours in the office and do nothing, it make self confident say bye bye to me. the people looked not so friendly but not at all lah. just certain of them.

with fed up and bored, I walked out from the office, go for lunch around 1.00pm then back to the office around 4.00pm. amazing huh! hehehe..

“Mana you pergi?”. one of the staff ask me. “sorry kak. saya ke office lama”. “tadi boss dah cari. kejap lagi awak jumpa la dia”. “ok. terima kasih kak”. Ouch! sungguh skema when I talk with the secretary like that.

thought the boss will angry with me. risau juga kan. but the situation just fine. at the 1st stage, boss wanna put me with IT team to cover the online website and sometime he’ll make sure that I get through my real job as stated in the offer letter. what job it is? secret ah!

the bored gone with the wind when I concentrated in front of pc. the task is same as my experienced but I just need to learn the software. not so hard lah. like cooking a simple dishes. ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh..

sincerely, I’m very happy with the new job. most and for most thank you to Allah for blessing me. alhamdulillah.. thank you too for all my kinda friends whose always supporting my spirit (not support me with RM ok) and the person I love.. whose always encourages me, rotan me since kecik.. if she not doing that, I think.. I’m not lucky girl who born today.

Mom.. a very touching kisses and love for you. a love from a person I called mother never been replaced with others even my boyfriend.