apek workshop (2)

yesterday, I take mc. what la! baru 2 hari kerja dah mc. hehehe.. After meet the doctor, I go to the Sentul workshop. I just want to changed my sport rim bike to the new one. it cost RM140. the price just fine for me cause the rim is aluminum and ade 7 bilah. tau ke? tak tau tengok kat pix nanti.

at the first stage, I just want to changed the rim not other part. but the bloody fool mechanic open the gasket place and told me to changed the new one. I said o.k. But 1st, I ask the apek son to calculate the price. that’s the way to budget my money. he said bla bla bla almost RM100. I said o.k. again. almost 3 hour duk menunggu that silly mechanic doing his job, I feel something wrong with the bike. why that mechanic still repairing almost 3 hour? tak kan mekanik pun tak tau nak repair yang rosak!

the mechanic said, “lu punya bike banyak rosak la. kasi overhaul la”. I told him “I kasi lu overhaul, lu bayarkan.. mau?”. then i take my bike.. slowly I press it to hear the sound. it so bad! the timing, the break, the sound and all thing make me really sad. what he done to my bike?!!!. shit! thought want to go the workshop back but I’m tired.

Today, after work, I go to the workshop again. the apek son ask me the problem. I told him everything and wanna meet his father. I really mad. he ask another mechanic to repair again. I told the mechanic, “I tak nak mekanik semalam repair my bike. teruk la dia punya keja”. he smile, “tak pa.. tak pa.. saya buat”.

suddenly, the apek came to me, “amoi, kenapa motor?”. I try to smile but it hard. when I look at the mechanic, he seems scare with apek if I told about yesterday. for helping him, I didn’t say anything. I show yesterday bill and ask apek, “why they charged me RM309 but the problem not settle”. Apek say, “lain kali lu datang masa gua ada”. Apek is better than his wife. his wife yield to him when apek test my bike on the road.

because I’m a woman so they treat me and cheat me like that? I don’t want that bloody fool silly mechanic touch my bike again. never!!!