Music from Heaven?

Nope… sorry, I’m not talking about any music from your favourite band/singer or musical instruments. It’s a man made mechanical beast sound, create to fulfill your (all boys & maybe some girls) adrenalin rush thirst.

It’s really a Heavenly Music for all motorhead (at least that what I think). Ferrari California F149 GT, newest member of the great Italian marque. Check it out, really kewl clip;

p/s: I can even heard it playing over & over again in my head. Love it. Can’t wipe off the smile on my face since 1st time listen to that sound. One thing for sure, it’s far better than what my wife sound when she sing in the bathroom hahahaha.. shhhhhhh.. don’t tell her 🙂


6 thoughts on “Music from Heaven?

  1. Thaipusam? LOL 🙂
    walaupun Malaysia nie ade bermacam perayaan tapi i cuma raikan perayaan orang Islam jew. heheheh..

  2. told ya… 🙂

    p/s: then, i’ll just have to make sure you’ll never know her hahahaha…

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